Programs for Professionals
in the Field of Autism

continuing education for professionals in the field of autism photoSteven Wertz, BCBA is available for professional training, supervision and consultation with teachers, behavior and play-based therapists and other professionals working with children on the autism spectrum. Because sessions are typically provided by phone or video conferencing (Skype), we offer these services to professionals worldwide.

  • A single session or series of consultations for specific concerns: Steven can help you develop solutions for one or more immediate, specific issues, such as a specific behavioral issue, difficulties making headway with a particular learning problem, etc. 
  • Supervision for behavior therapists working toward certification as a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) or BCABA (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst.)
  • Supervision and training for play therapists seeking to incorporate more periods of structured learning with evidence-based methods into their work with one or more children.
  • Training leading to Certification in the Growing Minds Program: Contact us to discuss this highly individualized training.

Please contact Steven Wertz at to inquire further about these services.