Parents who Are Just
Starting To Work With Their Child

what to do when you're just getting started with your child with autism photo
  • If you’ve never worked formally with your child and you have had no prior training.
  • If your child was recently diagnosed, and you want to work with him or her at home, either in place of an early intervention program in the community or to enrich a community early intervention program with more one-to-one therapy at home.
  • If your child is not flourishing in school, and might benefit from a home-based program.
  • If you’re satisfied with your child’s school, but want to create additional support for him or her during afternoons and weekends.

How a Growing Minds Program Can Help You

  • Concrete methods for engaging your child’s attention and developing rapport
  • How to gain your child’s cooperation
  • Direct observation and coaching on your teaching skills
  • Effective responses to your child’s challenging behaviors
  • Strengthening your own confidence, optimism and peace of mind
  • Recruiting and training therapists or teachers (optional)
  • Optimizing your child’s environment and creating an effective teaching area
  • How to use your child’s interests to increase his or her motivation to learn
  • Exercises and activities to use at home
  • Observing our staff work with your child
  • Integrating your home program with school, if appropriate
  • Plus all the services and benefits described above

Getting Started

We offer a 4-session, distance Consultation Series (by internet and phone) for parents interested in experiencing our services to decide if we are a good fit for your needs.

Our in-person programs begin with training (typically 4 days) for parents, their child and any support people the parents may wish to include. They continue with 6 months of distance follow up and training by phone and video conferencing. While there are strong advantages to conducting the initial in-person training at our Broomfield, Colorado offices, we have limited openings for families whose circumstances make it necessary to hold the training in your home. For children three and under, an initial 3-day in-person training is usually sufficient. Children ages four and five require a more comprehensive approach and so we strongly recommend an initial four-day, in-person training.

We also offer training entirely at a distance (Internet and phone) for situations in which the family’s needs can be sufficiently addressed without in-person services. This tends to work best when the parents have already had previous training and experience in working with their child at home.

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