About Growing Minds

father loving his child with autism photoOur Core Principles
Review the founding principles of the Growing Minds Program.

About Steven & Kaitryn Wertz
Learn about the people who will work with you and your child.

Our Perspective on Autism
Autism is not a defining quality of a person, nor is it an enemy. Each child has a unique personality, strengths, skills, gifts and deficits. The diagnosis of ASD does not tell us much about a child. Because there are significant differences among children with ASD, treatment needs vary widely. Read more about how we understand autism.

Growing Minds and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
We have been successfully integrating the evidence-based methods of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with the positive attitudinal and social features of the Son-Rise Program* for over fourteen years. Learn more about our use of ABA.

An Alternative to the Son-Rise Program
Learn why Growing Minds is an effective choice for parents interested in the positive attitudinal and social features of the Son-Rise Program*, while also wanting to include evidence-based methods that have proven effective for helping children with autism.

program for child with asd photo

How We Do Assessments
Discover why individual assessment is essential to creating effective programs for children with on the autism spectrum and learn how this can make a difference for your child.

The Methods We Use
The Growing Minds team draws upon the best methods available in autism education and treatment to help your child. Learn more about these methods and why they are considered “best practices”.

Our Biomedical Recommendation
Some children have been helped by biomedical approaches and others have been adversely affected. Read our recommendations.

Independent Growing Minds Practitioners
Autism professionals who have had extensive experience and training in the Growing Minds approach.


* The Son-Rise Program is a registered trademark belonging to Barry Neil Kaufman and Susan Marie Kaufman. Growing Minds is not affiliated with the Kaufmans or the Son-Rise Program