How We Can Help You and Your Child

how we can help you and your child with autism

Early Intervention Programs
Early intervention for young children with autism creates the most favorable outcomes. While in the past, doctors often took a “wait and see” attitude, today most experts suggest taking action as early as possible to help children with signs of autism. We can help.

Children with PDD-NOS
There is general consensus that children with PDD-NOS benefit from early intervention and special education. However, these children often have widely different strengths and challenges. A treatment that is effective for one child may be unnecessary or unhelpful for another. We often recommend that school be supplemented with an extremely effective, part-time home program that addresses needs that are being missed in school. We design these home programs and train parents to implement them.

Children with Severe or Classic Autism
We have extensive experience helping individuals with severe autism. This experience has convinced us that all people with autism, even those whose difficulties are most profound, can continue to grow, develop and improve when treatment is adapted for their unique needs.

Children with Asperger’s, High Functioning Autism or Nonverbal Learning Disorder
Often these individuals have unique strengths and deficits existing side by side. Difficulties in functioning may be hidden by well-developed coping mechanisms so that no one recognizes how hard the person is working. This can cause episodes of extreme frustration. We are highly experienced and particularly effective at the kind of assessment and strategies that can be most useful for people with these conditions.

Children with Mysterious Symptoms and Rare Diagnoses
We are experienced with children who have obvious challenges without fitting well into any diagnostic criterion. For us, an uncertain diagnosis is not a problem. We do not work with diagnoses. We work with individuals.

Parents Who Are Just Starting
If your child was recently diagnosed, or you are interesting in working with your child at home, we can help you get started with a fun and effective full or part-time home program.

Children Already In a Program
If you are already working with your child, and are seeking new direction, more rapid progress or help to transition into school, we can provide the tools to help your child take the next step.

When Progress with Autism Has Slowed
We are experts in breathing new life into programs that have lost momentum. If your children’s progress slowed after initial success with a previous program (such as Son-Rise, Floortime, RDI, ABA), we can help.

Free Phone Consultation
Choosing the right approach for your child can be a challenging task. We invite you to take a closer look at the Growing Minds Programs by scheduling a free, 25-minute initial phone consultation.