Growing Minds in the Netherlands

Guidance Programs for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Growing Minds Program has had the privilege of providing autism services in the Netherlands since 1998. With the partnership of Dutch organizations and generous feedback from Dutch parents, we have designed a range of guidance services to meet the specific needs of Dutch parents and caregivers working with their children in the home.

Growing Minds guidance programs focus primarily on helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to overcome limitations and impairments affecting their social independence, behavior and psychosocial functions.

All services are designed to gradually enhance the child’s self-help skills and provide the foundation for the child to eventually learn to manage his or her life. We offer support in developing practical skills to improve both social and physical independence. In addition, we guide parents and caregivers in dealing with issues arising from the child’s limitations or difficulties. All methods used are evidence-based and meet the latest professional standards for autism intervention. 

Parents can Customize Their Programs According to Their Needs.
These include:

  • Steven Wertz, BCBA periodically offers in-home services in the Netherlands, consisting of one or more days of intensive guidance for child, parents and caregiver in the family home.
  • Follow up consultations and Distance Programs, provided by phone, video conferencing (Skype) and internet.
  • Comprehensive In-Person Programs in Colorado.
  • Group programs for parents and professionals in the Netherlands in partnership with the Growing Minds Support Services.

We are pleased to recommend the work of our Dutch partner organizations.

Growing Minds Support Services provides a range of in-home services for children and parents, including parent training and guidance, direct child facilitation, staff and caregiver training, and support and organization for parents implementing or planning a home program based on the principles of Growing Minds or Applied Behavior Analysis. Services are provided by Marjoleine Leliveld and Esther Sjouke, M.Sc.

Both are mothers of children with autism who ran home-based programs for their children before training as autism professionals. Their many years of experience coordinating their own highly successful home programs for their children, their training and supervision in the Growing Minds Program and their progress toward full Board certification as Behavior Analysts make Esther and Marjoleine among the most effective and experienced autism therapists in the Netherlands. 

The Horison Institute provides training programs and in-home services for parents with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It was founded in 1998 by Dutch parents seeking to provide home programs for their children with Autism Spectrum Disorders while also empowering themselves to face the challenges of autism.  Horison programs teach parents to help their children develop in a special and inspiring way. Using attitude and love as a main tool, parents learn to facilitate their child in making contact, playing and learning. Instruction is based on the method Contactgericht Spelen en Leren (playing and learning based on contact).  Training programs are provided by experienced teachers, Anneke Groot and Wendy Wesselink-ten Thije. In-home services are provided by experienced “players” who are all trained in Horison’s method.

Group programs for parents and professionals in the Netherlands in partnership with the Horison Institute and Growing Minds Support Services.

The next program in Utrecht is in November, 2019