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letters“This program was exactly tuned to our needs. I have learned a tremendous amount and really enjoyed the process. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to another family. I only wish I’d done it sooner.”

Mary, England
Daughter, age 13
Diagnosed with Autism

“Due to this program, I have renewed faith in our daughter’s intelligence. By seeing such an improvement in her in so short a time, I am very optimistic that she will continue to improve and show others just how intelligent she really is!”

Jim, Indiana
Daughter, age 12
Diagnosed with Autism and Intractable Seizures

“The best of what is currently available is brought together here. Seemingly opposite points of view are shown to actually complement and enhance each other. After having seen this multidisciplinary approach, other programs will seem incomplete.”

Willem, the Netherlands
Daughter, age 3
Diagnosed with PDD-NOS

“Our home program was a bit stagnant when we first heard of Growing Minds. I had been utilizing the Greenspan approach, but I needed more fuel for the fire. At Growing Minds, we learned to be more successful with our daughter while utilizing our strengths and talents. We also developed a few latent talents we didn’t even know were there!! Growing Minds helped me to come up with a plan and gave me the tools to implement it, with the ability to follow up at any time.”

Kathy, Georgia, US
Daughter, age 5
Diagnosed with Developmental Delay/ Autism

“The energy, vitality and knowledge circling around this building makes it an exceptional place of learning. We’ve made great strides as a family, but most importantly, our beloved little boy has visibly grown in his achievements and aspirations.”

Jack, England
Son, age 10
Diagnosed with Autism

“This program has been everything and more that I hoped for. Having reached a standstill in our home program, it was brilliant to gain control, focus and direction—and to watch our beautiful boy face up to the challenge and take it with both his hands. Amazing.”

Jill, Scotland
Son, age 5
Diagnosed with Autism with Global Developmental Delay

“The skills and new attitudes we learned in just a few days here were amazing!  My daughter tried three new foods, started pooping in the potty and staying dry all night. And we are already seeing her habit of making everything a “no” change dramatically. I had a feeling before we came that you could help us change our lives for the better. Now I can firmly say I was right.”

Julie, Florida
Daughter, age 8
Diagnosed with High Functioning Autism/ Optic Atrophy

“Having taken many programs to learn to help my daughter, I have found this one to be the most valuable. I’ve gathered more knowledge in this program than in all the others together.”

Angela, UK
Daughter, age 6
Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

“This is a great program, not only for children but also for families and mothers like me. It’s been great having people who care and understand, who love your child and join him, but also request him to do things in a fun way. I have so many ideas on what to do next, in the playroom, in family life and at school. Thank you.”

Isabel, Puerto Rico
Son, age 5
Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

“The total package was absolutely excellent. Judging by the results already seen in our son, this program obviously works to get the best out of your child.”

Geoff, England
Son, age 3
Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

“The Growing Minds team provided real balance in helping us craft a relationship-based program in which effective teaching can be a joy and the opportunities are limitless.

Martyn, England
Son, age 4
Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

‘”A tremendous resource of experience, wisdom and knowledge has been put at our disposal this week, to tailor the best program for our son’s needs. Knowing that we have the materials to take home and follow up support helps us not to feel quite so sad that the week is almost over’”

Julie, Scotland
Son, age 3
Diagnosed with Autism

“The Growing Minds program is a breath of fresh air in my life, affecting every aspect of how we think and live.”

David, California
Son age 3
Diagnosed with Autism

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