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looking out windowCreating an Optimal
Home Environment

Principles about the effects of the environment on children with autism, which parents can consider and modify for their own child, home and culture.

Attitudinal Training
Use the power of thoughts and feelings to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Improving Executive Function
The ability to engage in goal-directed activity, along with the mental processes that make this possible, fall under the heading of executive function (EF).

Dyspraxia - Movement Difficulties in Children
Dyspraxia is a general term used to cover a range of difficulties affecting the initiation, organization and performance of movements. It appears to involve problems with the brain’s ability to process information, which results in messages not being fully transmitted to the body.

Why Choose a Certified Behavior Analyst?
Whether you are seeking in-depth training to help your child or simply considering a single consultation, finding a highly trained and experienced consultant is essential.

Recommended Daily Hours for a Home Program
Although there are conflicting opinions about the optimal number of hours per day for home programs, there is general agreement among researchers that children receive diminishing benefits after six hours per day. Find out how we determine the optimum hours for each child.