Parents Who Are
Already Working with Their Child

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    • If you’ve had seminar training to create a home-based program and have begun a program, but you have not had extensive individual training.
    • If you’ve read extensively and created a home-based program on your own, and would like to develop it further.
    • If you’ve had previous training, but have not yet established a program.
    • If you’ve established a program, mastered the basics and want new direction and expertise.
    • If your child has progressed but you feel that your program has “stalled” or that your child has reached a plateau.
    • If your child has progressed and you want to facilitate his or her transition to school.

    How a Growing Minds Program Can Help You

    • Advanced skills: We’ll help you acquire or fine-tune skills that will improve your effectiveness.
    • What to do after you’ve developed rapport with your child
    • When to follow your child’s lead and when to direct him or her to learn new skills
    • How to use intensity, pacing and challenge level to hold your child’s interest
    • Energizing a stalled home program
    • Re-starting your child’s progress after a “plateau”
    • How to empower and inspire team members
    • Playful and happy ways to motivate your child
    • Nurturing yourself while you help your child
    • How to create a stronger curriculum
    • Introducing new activities
    • Setting goals and matching them to your child’s interests
    • How to transition from a home program to school.
    • Plus all the services and benefits described above

    Getting Started

    We offer a 4-session, distance Consultation Series (by internet and phone) for parents interested in experiencing our services to decide if we are a good fit for your needs.

    Our in-person programs begin with training for parents, their child and any support people the parents may wish to include. They continue with 6 months of distance follow up and training by phone and video conferencing. While there are strong advantages to conducting the initial in-person training at our Broomfield, Colorado offices, we have limited openings for families whose circumstances make it necessary to hold the training in your home. For children three and under, an initial 3-day in-person training is usually sufficient. Children ages four and five require a more comprehensive approach and so we strongly recommend an initial four-day, in-person training.

    We also offer training entirely at a distance (Internet and phone) for situations in which the family’s needs can be sufficiently addressed without in-person services. This tends to work best when the parents have already had previous training and experience in working with their child at home.

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